The Council of Fashion Designers of America may be promoting next month’s New York Fashion Week: Men’s, but elsewhere in the world, the idea of a men’s-specific week seems to be nearing extinction. Just this week, Italian design house Antonio Marras, announced that it is the latest brand to do away with separate gender runway shows. Instead of showing a menswear collection during the June 2016 men’s shows, the house will show its Spring/Summer 2017 collections together in Milan in September 2016.updated

Vintage fashion is all about bringing the old and traditional style and blending them into the contemporary fashion in pleasant way. All fashion responsive women would agree that change in fashion is inevitable.

Gucci’s chief executive, Bizzarri, of course, highlighted the practical (as opposed to the creative) implications of combining the collections. And this is not just for Gucci, but for nearly all brands that are struggling to find time to create anywhere between four and eight collections annually. But, there is more to this movement than just purely logistical concerns.